10th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food & Environment


September 22-25, 2022 | Athens | Greece



The conference is organized by the Hellenic Association on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food & Environment (HAICTA). HAICTA is the Greek branch of the European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (EFITA). Until now, HAICTA has organized a series of nine successful conferences.

HAICTA 2022 aims to bring together professionals, experts and researchers working on Agriculture, Food and Environment, emphasizing on the applicability of ICT solutions and innovations to real industry cases and the respective challenges.

2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of HAICTA Conferences, since the very first of the series was held in 2002 in Athens, Greece. After organizing the following HAICTA Conferences in 8 different cities around Greece during these years, we decided to return HAICTA 2022 back to its roots, in Athens, celebrating 20 years of successful International Conferences on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food & Environment.


HAICTA 2022 will be the 2nd Conference in the series to offer in-person attendance, remote participation and live streaming for those who won’t be able to attend, giving the chance for an even wider audience. Authors will have the option to either present in-person at the Conference or remotely through teleconferencing.


Submissions in all areas of Agriculture, Food and Environment are accepted, including but not limited to:

ICT Applications

  • Database Systems and Data Mining / Data Recording Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • e-Business, e-Commerce, e-Sales, e-Marketing and e-Services
  • Information Systems and Web Applications / Digital Farming
  • Internet of Things, Sensor, RFID and Mobile/Wireless Network Applications
  • Precision Technologies: Crop and Livestock Production; Farm and Animal Health Monitoring

Farm Management / Rural Development

  • Alternative Tourism and Promotion of Rural Areas
  • e-Networking, Collective Actions and e-Governance in Rural Areas
  • Farm Education, Training & Advisory, e-Learning, Interactive and Web-based Systems
  • Innovation in Farms and Rural Area
  • Sustainability and Resilience of Rural Areas and Agri-food Systems

Crop and Livestock Production

  • Agro-ecology
  • Crop and Livestock Breeding / Local Varieties, Breeds and Landraces
  • Epidemics Modeling, Animal Health Monitoring
  • Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Growth
  • Genomics and Biotechnologies in Farming, Livestock Production and Forestry
  • Sustainable Crop and Livestock Production

Agri-food Systems – Circular Economy

  • Alternative Protein Sources
  • Food Waste
  • Innovations in Food Hygiene and High-Quality Food
  • Innovative uses of Agricultural By-products and Waste Management
  • Novel Agri-food Systems
  • Quality Assurance, Authenticity and Traceability of Food Products
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics / Local Products and Short Value Chains

Environment / Climate Change

  • Climate Change Modeling / Climate Vulnerability, Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Environmental Design and Policy
  • Regulation of GHG Emissions
  • Spatial Analysis, Landscape Planning & GIS-based Analysis
  • Sustainable Forestry, Wood Technology and Wood Products
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources / Ecosystem Services
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment and Prevention / Wildlife Management & Protection

Water Resources

  • Irrigation Technologies and Water Resources Monitoring
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Water Purification, Desalination and Re-use Technologies

For any further information you can contact the Conference Secretariat or the Program Chairs directly by visiting: https://2022.haicta.gr/contact-us.html